Xiaomi Mi Mix2 doesn’t like me

This work was made by Xioami Mi Mix2
I am its art medium.
It has an obsessive urge to give me pleasure.
Up until the point where I start perceiving it as pain.

Jouissance is Lakanian term that denotes traversing beyond pleasure principle in which the subject can experience fear and desintegrate itself or transgress hers or his subject postion. Feminist theory believes that histeria is jouissance ditorted by partiarhy and experiencing it would mean liberation from the oppresive hierarchal chains. The first photograph is taken by DSLR Nikon D5600. Every other time I photograph the printed photography of my portrait with my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 phone camera. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has already built in beautify filter ie. algorithm that predifines how to make my face look „more beutiful“.The beautify option cannot be turned off. But the „Who gets to decide how my face desintegrates?“

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