My recent video series Dokolica deals with the relationship between work and “non-work” time in the current restructured Serbian socio-economic system. This multi-channel video installation explores a non-translatable word from Serbian language—a word that could loosely mean “free-leisure time” in English, but once translated it loses its historical context. I do not translate the term dokolica because I want the viewer to examine it through the socio-historical lens of former socialist society that, in the past complied with Marxist concept of “eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of recreation (free-leisure time).” The piece is composed of sixteen distinct vignettes, each a recording of one of my friends filming themselves while taking a shower. The audio element of the work combines the sound of shower water and the voices of people in the video defining and discussing the word dokolica. The term is described as both necessary and “productive”, yet it is often experienced with guilt and discomfort.

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